Khan Academy  does great things for students (and teachers). For those not familiar, you can set up a free account on Khan Academy. There are a variety of missions, both math-related and otherwise. It will let you try any that you choose to, but does some initial exercises to ensure you start at the appropriate level. As a parent you can set up your children so you can see what progress they are making so you can either help or watch helpful how-to videos with them when they get stuck. They’ve done a great job of setting up pertinent videos a small mouse movement away from the ‘I need a Hint’ button to get you up to speed and continue on your way.

Math Incentives

Avatar - Khan Academy

Earn points for many things. Why points? You can have an avatar that gets progressively cooler with your experience points. Watch videos and earn points, answer problems and get points, work harder or longer or consistently … and get points. It works. The site keeps track of your stats, allows you to add coaches or add students with you as a coach. Get started and enjoy becoming a better math star.


Did you know that 3.14 percent of all sailors are Pi Rates?
(now you do)

Yes, Mark is an active Khan Academy coach but receives NO compensation for mentioning this site or services. Full disclosure.



WHY do you TRY?

Posted: March 7, 2016 in why

Why do you try?

Have you ever asked yourself exactly WHY you are doing the thing you are doing right now? What do you think? How do you answer the question? Are you reading this post or watching television because you are looking for something? Maybe you don’t know what it is you are looking for and are going through the motions day after day expecting WHATEVERITIS to hit you broadside like the meteor that killed off the dinosaurs. Maybe you DO know why. Is it because you love someone: your S-O, kids or your faithful dog or cat?! Perhaps reading this post is another way to DO NOTHING and feel good about reading an article on line. Could it be that you are using this media or that to avoid having to put in REAL EFFORT towards the changes you want to see in your life and your world?
I try because I am an eternal optimist. Even when the going looks most grim, I can always think of a silver lining and, at the very least, a worse scenario that I can be thankful for my not-quite-as-bad situation…
We have an obligation to ourselves. I love the saying: “Do something today that your future self will thank you for.” Write it down and leave yourself a note so when you ARE that older version of you, that you can rekindle the feeling of trying if the embers are growing dim.
FIND A PURPOSE and USE IT! Motivate internally, externally, whatever it takes to TRY. If you are not trying, make a list of the reasons why you are not. Systematically fix each of these issues and move on to the next. Realize that the goal is to eliminate all excuses to allow the action to be uncontested. Do your best and be awesome! YOU CAN. TRY.

A haiku is a Japanese poem containing three lines totaling seventeen syllables in the pattern of 5 – 7 – 5 syllables. It is really different than anything I have ever written before and very powerful. It allows the mind to reflect on the shortened text and obtain a variety of potential meanings. I created this using a set of dice called Haikubes that provides a theme and words to choose from.

Enjoy my haiku or don’t; it’s all up to you.

Haiku - 17 syllables

A Reflection on our World


love: gorgeous places –

wind flying; sweet grass; leaves turn –

eyes glancing: marvel


I have been away too long. I am glad to be back.

Bella’s first


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Mocha Vegan Performance Podcast — episode #061

Planning for Success

Goal Definition and Creating a Plan.

Listen in to Episode #061 and MAKE YOUR PLAN TODAY!

MVP #061 – Half Marathon Emergency Plan

Mocha Vegan Performance Podcast – episode #060

Mark Phipps - Mocha Vegan Performance Podcast

Teaching is good.

Teaching Math Fits Me Like A Comfy Pair of Shoes

Listen in to Episode #060 and experience a highlight in my recent experiences.

MVP #060 – Comfy Pair of Shoes



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Get YOUR picture on the podcast page

Posted: September 14, 2015 in @mochavegan
Markie Phipps - Recovery

Don’t Quit! When things get tough, work harder.

If you’d like a chance to get your favorite food picture on the podcast page and a mention in a Mocha Vegan Performance PODCAST upcoming episode, here’s what you can do:


Take an appetizing picture of a mostly Vegan food you enjoy. Describe in twenty words or less why this food or picture is awesome and submit it to me:


Please keep images under 2MB and know that any submissions are mine to reproduce and distribute.

Thank you! I look forward to seeing your best!!