Animals are Fun . . .

Posted: December 23, 2016 in @mochavegan

Fill in the blanks:

First, Animals are fun … to have as companions.

Bella feeding and holding Shiny

Next, Animals are fun … to observe and study.

they usually don't get this close to each other

Katie and Sugar

Also, Animals are fun … to protect and care for.

Tater on his bed (couch) in my room

OR As sad as it may seem, some come from a more traditional school of thought where animals are raised with the intention of placing them on a plate.

It would make me sad if this week at my house we planned to have guinea pig tacos, cat fajitas and a Hawaiian pit roast of yellow lab (sorry, Tater).

Consider your options.

Let’s try to think outside the bun when it comes to our animal friends and see that they have more to offer than calories.


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