Hills, Hills and More Hills & Half Marathon PR

Posted: October 18, 2014 in @mochavegan

I am a flat-lander. My run routes are always flat. Adding even a small incline adds a disproportionately extreme amount of pain to any run.

When I ran the 20K race at South Mountain Park eight years ago I was training hills on a treadmill. It was a straight out-and-back course that was uphill to the finish. The 2014 course was different.

Due to the recent epic storms, roads throughout the park are washed out. The Y had to fight for the race, now a two-loop course, to take place. There were two specific miles of the hilly course that inflicted more pain than the rest combined. So, in loop 2, I walked a few spots to reduce my hummingbird -like heart rate. I let off the brakes and flew down the hills; I just let gravity do the work and tried to stay upright.

The result was an unexpected personal best of 1:42:16 for the 13.1 mile race. It earned me 4th place in my age group and 14th place overall! My pace was 7:49. I am very pleased.

The man who won the race posted a 1:27 total time for a 6:40 pace.

I now have a goal, 1:25.

Impossible? Let’s wait and see if this plant-based warrior can put the pieces together in a year.

The guy with me in the picture is a direct decendant of Wyatt Earp. Cool stuff.

Keep training, it will pay off.

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