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I learned a lot after deleting my entire home page and posts from tonight.
I learned to have a clear path and focus on the task at hand.
I learned to not panic and calmly evaluate my options.
I learned to ask for help.

I was lucky.

My site,, is hosted by Blue Host.
Blue Host has a 24 hour live chat and I was rescued by William. Within about an hour, he had completely restored my erased site from a backup. There was no charge for this service.

I am thankful that in my effort to improve the site, I destroyed it and got it back again. That after it was all over, that I found the file and injected the required code to keep my tweets alive instead of being hung up on a technicality.

Because if you never fail, you’ll never succeed.

This is for my friend, Sid, from Approaching the Natural. He is doing his first Spreecast on Saturday. I think I should do a post on how to set one up and what it is all about! Have fun, everyone.

Check it out here:

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Busy, busy busy. So how can we make use of that time waiting for a child to get out of an activity plus add a little sleep back into our schedule? Piece of cake: blog post by email.

I am assuming that you have a blog set up already and have installed the WordPress plugin. Let’s consider your blog is on your own domain, so your address may be something like (not my site).

Step 1:

Browse to your website and

Log into you account and go to the account dashboard then select Users. It should be at:


You can easily click from your dashboard.

Step 2:

Select edit under your user name (or under the user you would like to be able to post by email). Scroll down until you find enable post by email. There is a button. Click the button and you’ll generate an email address that has a combination of letters and You can hit the regenerate button until you find one you like or can remember.

Save the posting email address to your contacts on your phone or laptop or both.

Step 3:

Write a thoughtful email while you wait for your morning coffee, sit on the bus or watch the kids play soccer.

Hit send.

That’s it. Be careful with this address or have fun with it. Just remember to be aware of appropriate content if you share this with friends. You can always return to the edit user area of the dashboard and regenerate a different post email address.

Who thinks they may try posting by email? I used to do this years ago on blogger with pictures from my garden. You can always go back and edit content later; it would be a great way outside of Facebook to share something cool!

Try something new today; let me know how it goes.