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I read a great article this week in Brendan Brazier’s Thrive Magazine (, “Prius for the Plate: American leadership in the coming agricultural revolution.” Ethan Brown, CEO and co-founder of Beyond Meat ( offers a thoughtful discussion on the barriers to transitioning from MEAT to PROTEIN in the marketplace.

There is a dedicated meat section in the stores I shop. There is a small section, or cooler, containing plant proteins in most stores. Brown suggests that we can succeed if we can shift the paradigm – the sale of PROTEIN instead of the sale of meat and the unfortunate grouping of ‘fake’ meat products relegated to a small obscure location within the store.

The 3 Paths to Plant Protein Revolution:

1. Government Support to provide strong research for plant proteins. The new dietary guidelines (being released Spring 2015) call for further study. It seems like we are going in the right direction, but please encourage your elected officials to push for acceleration of this process.

2. Start with the kids. Get the dairy and meat bias out of our schools. My daughter’s kindergarten food pyramid sponsored by dairy. Let’s force the fast food restaurants to offer plant protein alternatives. Let them make their mark with signature sauces, but make an option available. If the dairy farms are so great, why can’t the kindergartens visit local dairy farms any more?

3. Equal Opportunity within the grocery. I use Beyond Meat’s Beyond Beef Feisty Crumbles: and want to share that I fooled my kids on a taco night recently. 🙂 This can keep Catholics away from the obligatory Friday fish fry that seems so prevalent during lent. I can have protein tacos on Friday, maintain my vegan and Catholic choices simultaneously while enjoying tasty tacos instead of deep-fried fish. Try the new Beast Burger and Beastly Sliders. I saw some awesome pretzel slider rolls at Costco yesterday that would be a perfect match!

The foods they are putting to market are worthy of your time. Make a good choice for your health and the Earth. Try vegan. Try Beyond Meat.


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Speciesism – The Movie

…if slaughterhouses had glass walls

A worthy watch. Keep asking questions.

Not Old MacDonald's Farm anymore

Containment Buildings and Waste Lagoons



Chickens raised for eggs come from a chicken hatchery where about 50% are born female (they are the “lucky” ones), good for eggs. The other half / 50% are male which has resulted in being ground up or discarded alive. Just not good for those little guys.

Laying hens move into cages with 2 – 4 roommates. Cages are so small. The expected life of one of these egg-laying hens is two years. Imagine standing on a wire floor for your entire life. Sad.

Chickens raised for food have increased breast sizes so that a chicken shown on a rescue sanctuary was too large to walk. They demonstrated the social nature of the free chickens. I wish we could have two chickens at our home. They would help eat the bugs in my garden and be friends for life.


Pig farm. Most on the sanctuary are from North Carolina. Pig farms there are having a negative impact on the environment there. Rick, a former Marine, points out that bacon is no longer being raised on traditional farms, but on family farms. “Farms” where animals no longer see the light of day. Containment buildings with a cesspool containing pig urine and feces. The excess liquid is sprayed over adjacent fields with a giant sprinkler, misting onto adjacent properties. The fields drain into adjacent waterways and contaminate nearby wells. The smell is not good. See aerial photo above.

Things that are tough on pigs beyond the obvious sadness that comes from being locked in a building without seeing the sky:
1. young hogs being castrated without any anesthesia
2. mother pigs live in pens that are too narrow to turn around waiting to have the babies
3. tails are clipped off so that pigs do not chew off each other’s tails during stressful times


The film says that cows raised for beef are the luckiest of the mass-farmed animals as they spend part of their life outside. HOWEVER, they do castrate bull calves. Once timing is correct, they are sold to feed lots where they are fed grain, which is harder for their stomachs to digest as it helps them bulk up more quickly.

Dairy cows are in total confinement, connected to milking machines, standing in their own waste. How can they let this be the state of things?

Please don't drink milk

Productivity is important in any business, but there should be moral boundaries

In order to maintain milk production, cows must have a calf from time-to-time. Calves are immediately taken away from the mothers and placed into a structure that looks like a large doghouse. In some cases the mother can hear the calf calling out and returns the call. Can you imagine the stress that a mother would feel knowing their baby was so close and couldn’t be reached. Why must these animals be in prison for their entire lives to serve us?


PETA makes improvements to lessen the abominations already in place. However these changes are slight and will not make a significant impact unless YOU change your behavior. Vote with your wallet, vote with your fork and MAKE AN IMPACT.


Speciesism: The Movie from Speciesism: The Movie on Vimeo.


Jeff Sanders and The 5AM Miracle


Enjoy Jeff Sanders and our discussion about food, running, responsibility and how all these things work together.

Mocha Vegan Performance Podcast #27


What to eat seems to be at the top of everyone’s list all the time. I remember thinking about people’s inability to suffer in today’s world. I hear the stories of the bible and consider that suffering today can mean that McDonald’s is out of ranch for your Chicken McNuggets…Needless to say, we expect a higher level of comfort today than ever in history.

Food gets real with Denny Krahe

Denny has a great attitude towards food and trying to get the best versions of the food he eats whenever possible. Listen in to episode #25, publishing soon at


Mmmm, ice cream!


Choco Taco