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Jeff Sanders and The 5AM Miracle


Enjoy Jeff Sanders and our discussion about food, running, responsibility and how all these things work together.

Mocha Vegan Performance Podcast #27


What to eat seems to be at the top of everyone’s list all the time. I remember thinking about people’s inability to suffer in today’s world. I hear the stories of the bible and consider that suffering today can mean that McDonald’s is out of ranch for your Chicken McNuggets…Needless to say, we expect a higher level of comfort today than ever in history.

Food gets real with Denny Krahe

Denny has a great attitude towards food and trying to get the best versions of the food he eats whenever possible. Listen in to episode #25, publishing soon at


Mmmm, ice cream!


Choco Taco


My podcast setup:

Early Morning podcast interview

Mocha Vegan Performance Podcast

Trying to learn about creating a podcast is hard. I found time to discuss it with other another podcast host.

Talking podcasting with Denny Krahe of Better Health 101 was great!

Denny Krahe – Podcast Host and Trainer

Denny joined me for a discussion of podcasts, family, fitness and food this week. This first section covers the podcast portion of our conversation. In a later installment of our talk, Denny discusses his latest podcast launch: The Diz Runs With Podcast

Come and join the conversation.

Listen in to the awesome small stepper philosophy of Mr. Sid Garza-Hillman of the Approaching the Natural Podcast.

171 Calorie Bars

Posted: March 15, 2014 in @mochavegan, bars, good choices, nutrition

Before I became completely vegan in 2013, I started experimenting with things that had a good nutritional balance and provided energy for my new workouts. The goal was to have a quick access food always ready at hand to keep me from diving into some of my old vices. Here is one of the first oat-based recipes that helped me achieve my goals. Enjoy!

171 Calorie Save Me From Eating Garbage Bars
(Super Oat Agave Raisin Bar, 32 servings)


Bars! Ready for cutting

This recipe makes small calorie-dense bars that will fuel you when you need them and keep you away from the mid-workout cupcakes.

Prepare the destination for the mixture:

Prepare a 9”x9” metal backing pan by lining with aluminum foil.  It may be good to spray some cooking spray a paper towel and rub the foil thoroughly as the final mixture is sticky.  I never do, but the foil is tricky to remove…set aside until everything is combined into a large ball of yumminess.  You can also set aside a piece of foil to place atop the mixture once it goes into the pan.  I will explain later.

Dry ingredients into a mixing bowl:


2.5 c rolled oats
½ c flax seed meal
½ c protein powder (8 ea 1T scoops)
½ c raisins (packed)
¼ c roasted and salted almonds coarsely chopped.

Combine and set aside.

Wet ingredients into a heavy skillet (seriously recommend non-stick) to heat/combine:


¾ c tahini
¼ c almond butter
1/3 c dark molasses (I have read not to use black strap molasses)
¾ c agave nectar

Ingredients to add as wet ingredients are heating up:

1 t vanilla extract
1/8 t fine sea salt
¼ t ground cinnamon

Warm in skillet over medium heat (while stirring in vanilla extract, salt and cinnamon) until it is melted together and bubbles, then remove from heat.

Add dry ingredients from mixing bowl into heated mixture and combine until uniformly distributed.  Move quickly on this as the mixture will be harder to combine as it cools.

Move the giant ball of yumminess to the foil-lined 9×9 pan.  Using the extra piece of foil, press the mixture down into the pan until the air pockets are gone and the top is mostly level.  You can use your hand, a small roller or even a beer can (a full one) to press it into the pan.

Remove the top foil and put into the refrigerator overnight or at least for a few hours.  It will be a little sticky to remove unless you took precautions.  Flip the foil-lined block onto a cutting board and remove the foil.  This is where you want to make sure you get all the foil off and then cut it in half until you have 32 similar-sized pieces.  Find a large enough container where you can place them in with a little space between the bars to eliminate the sticking tendency and make sure you put foil or wax paper between layers.  Before placing them into the container, taste one and try not to eat ten.  Put a lid on it and put them in the fridge for pre- or post-workout or whenever fueling.

The numbers per MyFitnessPal and nutrition labels:

For the entire recipe:

5,462 calories
660 g carbs
90 g fiber
218 g protein
238 g fat
32 g saturated fat
60 g cholesterol

If you divide it into 32 pieces then you get the per serving numbers I am using:

171 calories
21 g carbs
3 g fiber
7 g protein
7 g fat
1 g saturated fat
2 g cholesterol

Notice that it is a 3:1 carb to protein ratio.  I like to have a 4:1 for pre and post workout snacks when I am paying attention.  It allows me to add a few jelly bellies to my happy times around the workout.

You can substitute anything whether it is honey for agave, peanut butter for almond butter & tahini or whatever.  Just look it up.  I build these based on what I can find in my kitchen.

Please let me know what you think.