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Jeff Sanders and The 5AM Miracle


Enjoy Jeff Sanders and our discussion about food, running, responsibility and how all these things work together.

Mocha Vegan Performance Podcast #27

I learned a lot after deleting my entire home page and posts from tonight.
I learned to have a clear path and focus on the task at hand.
I learned to not panic and calmly evaluate my options.
I learned to ask for help.

I was lucky.

My site,, is hosted by Blue Host.
Blue Host has a 24 hour live chat and I was rescued by William. Within about an hour, he had completely restored my erased site from a backup. There was no charge for this service.

I am thankful that in my effort to improve the site, I destroyed it and got it back again. That after it was all over, that I found the file and injected the required code to keep my tweets alive instead of being hung up on a technicality.

Because if you never fail, you’ll never succeed.