6 Easy Steps to ELIMINATE Facebook game notifications

Posted: March 7, 2015 in @mochavegan
Thanks for the cook image, Mike Karpenko


Want to get rid of those annoying Facebook game invitations?

You can do it with a few minutes of time on your computer.

Log on to your Facebook account from your computer.

Select your name at the top of the screen.

At the top, next to the globe where the number of notifications show up, click the down arrow directly to the right of the little grey padlock icon. Select “Settings” (just above “Log Out”).

On the left side of your screen select “Notifications.” On mine it is below “Blocking.” This brings up a window for notification settings. At the bottom of the second group of links is “App requests and Activity” Click EDIT.

This will drop down a list of apps that you can uncheck notifications on if you desire.

The other option is to block games or individual friends’ invitations. You can look at this under the blocking section mentioned above. The good news here is that once you block a game you will not receive additional requests for that game from anyone. If you block invitations from a friend, it covers all game invitations from them.

A more radical step is to disable apps and websites, but that impacts much more functionality than most are willing to go without.

Good luck and thanks to Mike Karpenko for spurring this post!

Mark Phipps

Founder and Hose of The Mocha Vegan Podcast





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