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Posted: 2014-03-28 in podcast
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Hydration – Sweat Test

Are you dehydrated during your runs?! Optimize your performance by staying hydrated. But how can you tell?

Perform a SWEAT TEST

A sweat test allows you to determine how much water weight you are losing during a workout so you can adjust to maintain hydration and perform at optimum ability.

Think of your body like a large bucket of water. The amount of water in the bucket can be changed in a few ways:

  1. Water can be added by drinking
  2. Water can be lost by sweating / evaporating
  3. Water can be lost by using the bathroom

If not for these things, you would weigh the same before and after your workout. The steps to calculate how much you are sweating:

  1. Weigh in before you work out.
  2. Measure how much water you drink while working out in cups.
  3. Weigh in after you work out.
  4. Do the math.

Step 1:

Weigh in naked (if you can). At least be consistent with what you are wearing before and after. Use a digital scale for tighter results. If you want to keep the math simple, weigh in with your water bottle full and in hand before the workout. Write down that weight, say 185.2 pounds.

DO YOUR WORKOUT (do not use the bathroom during your workout or the data will not be valid)

Step 2:

If you weigh in with your water, you can skip this step. If not see how much water you drank during the workout in cups and divide and divide by 2. That is the number of pounds of water you ADDED during the workout from drinking.

Step 3:

Weigh in afterwards. Weigh in just like before: same amount of clothing (if any) and with your water bottle with whatever is left in it. Let’s say I now weigh in at 183.2 pounds.

Step 4:

The math is weight before – weight after = weight lost from sweating. Weight lost from sweating in pounds x 2 is the number of 8oz cups of water you lost from sweat. Did you drink as much water as you lost from sweating?

Weigh yourself without the water bottle before and after to see if your weight changed.

If it went down, you didn’t drink as much as you sweat, so drink up! If you added weight then you may be over-hydrated and could drop some weight you carry while working out by drinking a little less.

If you do nothing else with it, it is fun to try! family organizer and conquering Costco in 9 minutes!

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My Costco Shopping List in Cozi


From List to Line in 9

From List to Line in 9


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