MVP #004 – Getting Out of A Funk – Goalsetting – Mark Phipps – Mocha Vegan Podcast

Posted: 2014-04-05 in family, food, good choices, nutrition, podcast, responsibility
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Mark shares how it feels to be ‘in a funk’ and how to set goals to lead yourself out of it. Seek out the areas where you are most happy in life and expand those feelings into other areas of your life.

Set a milestone or goal to train for

  1. Marathon or half marathon
  2. Focus on your strengths

Take care of your body – it wants to take care of you
Pick a goal with realistic training requirements (not another full time job)

What to do when you reach your goal: “You have arrived.”


  1. Less things with wrappers
  2. Less things that required milk or butter and came with a sauce in powder form
  3. Whole grain pasta, lentils, brown rice



  1. This is a daily battle for me.
  2. I am on new, uncharted, territory
  3. I don’t want to force what I am doing on others in my life.
  4. Offer grapes and bananas in lieu of pop tarts
  5. Carrot sticks instead of cheetos – alternative options for the kids

It is not about being perfect – be a better version of you

  1. Where are you happy in your life
  2. Take your successful areas and expand those

Mangoes Rock!

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