MVP #006 – Pay It Forward – Freeway Crash and Looking Ahead – Mark Phipps – The accident on a Friday morning

Posted: 2014-04-18 in good choices, podcast, responsibility
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This morning I decided not to do any recording on the 2nd intentional day of no coffee and no green smoothie.

I listened to my episode 5 and thought how lazy I was not recording, listening and re-recording. I made excuses why I don’t record after I write a script. No quiet space in my house and still needing to get some sleep occasionally.

Suddenly, the cars in front of me come to an abrupt stop.

Though I am at a safe following distance, I had to really get on the brakes to stop safely behind the car in front of me. Remembering my surroundings, I look up into the mirror just in time to watch it happen. I see her coming (please stop) …


My water tips over and a few things fall on the floor and I let out some !($*&#($*& – I get rear-ended. I am now stopped in the fast lane right. I am right next to the carpool lane where cars are whizzing by going 75. A girl got out of the car, her hands to her face, apologizing: “Are you okay, is your car okay?” I noticed right away: her car was less special than mine and she was dressed for work on a Friday morning. Many aren’t fortunate enough to have a job to drive to every morning.

She looked as if her life was offering a few more challenges than she could handle at the time.

I took a little bit of a shake. I have had a lot worse than that. She looked at me and said: “I am going to be honest with you, I have a suspended license.”


My car didn’t have anything wrong with it. I remembered a time in my life when alcohol had caused me to drive on a suspended license. Getting pulled over with that suspended license I received hundreds of dollars in fines on a weekend when I was trying to go to a credit counseling service two hundred miles from home only to be told that I didn’t make enough money on my military pay for them to help me.


I thought back about these things in a flash: Perhaps this is the day that I don’t cause this to happen for somebody else. Maybe this is a way that she can avoid a pitfall, think about it a little, and make some better choices. What got her to that suspended license? Maybe this will give her the opportunity to get out from under those items and move on with her life.

Give a little more space; look further ahead than what is right in front of you on the freeway and in life.

Plan ahead, do positive things for you and your life. Next time you might not be so lucky. You could get hurt. Someone else could get hurt.

The police could come and take you to jail.

What have you done today to help someone else out in a situation where you might not normally? Think back to when somebody else has helped you before and what a difference it made during a difficult time.


Afternoon – recap on following distance

 TapouT XT coming soon!

I love talking about it, about the moves in the videos. I love complaining about the number of pushups prescribed by Michael Karpenko. He was involved in many Beach Body test groups. Michael is a very positive vegan influence on my fitness and health. I want to do a Skype interview with Mike.

Describe process of recording an interview.

Take my portable recorder to do onsite interviews at an upcoming race.

I want to do a more aggressive training plan and challenge my 1:44 half marathon. It will take some well structured speed training intervals and longer weekend runs to even consider looking towards a 7:00 mile pace. First start with a 5K and 10K. I will publish the goals and plan on and we will discuss more in future episodes. Also, look for new music coming up.

New podcast coming online soon. to celebrate the return of the TV show coming back May 5th for 12 episodes.

Jack is back!

Do something positive with your life this weekend. Put good fuel in your body, smile more and stay thirsty, my friends.

Mark – THE Mocha Vegan

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