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Posted: 2014-06-06 in podcast
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One of the tricks to living in the desert is training in the summer months resembles training on the sunny side of planet Mercury. There are some critical things that you have to do to maintain your current training regimen.

Adjust the time of your training.

The days of going out for a jog during lunch are over. If you want to exercise outside and DO NOT want to battle heat issues, your timing is limited. Start your day early and get out by 5 or 6, before breakfast and enjoy what is left of the early morning cool weather.

Wear the right gear.

No more long sleeve or cotton shirts. Forget the training paints and put the gloves away until fall. You need light shorts, the kind that have a liner, so you can have air flow. You want shirts and socks that breathe and you want your most airy shoes possible. The goals is for the sweat to have a way to get out. the only benefit to 112 degrees is the lower June humidity allows for evaporative cooling – BY SWEAT. Take advantage of the lower humidity while you have it. It goes away in July.

HYDRATE and wet yourself!

I drink 3 cups of water when I get up in the morning. If I am going to run before work, I drink a little more. My goal is to get close to having water slosh around in my stomach when I run – BUT NOT QUITE. By the end of my run I am ready to drink again, another 3 cups (and some coffee) while I make my breakfast.

Hydrating only does part of your duty for you. It gives your body the ability to sweat because there is water in your system. You can help with the rest by taking advantage of a drinking fountain along your route to splash water on your face or neck. You could even bring a small hand towel or bandana to get wet and then wipe down your face and neck with it. I use a lightweight hat. It keeps the morning sun out of my eyes and I can wet it, cool my face and then put the cooling wet hat back on my head. Wiping your face with water during your run also helps keep the salt out of your eyes and helps you feel comfortable NOT putting sunscreen on your forehead because when you sweat it runs in your eyes.


Pay close attention to what you do and apply it during warmer times of the day or evening when you do exercise. Also keep the good things, the things that work, in mind to use later if you are doing a race. What you do in practice, you do well during a race.

Listen in to my rush hour, hot weather rant and have a big cup of cool, delicious water! 🙂



Weigh in before workout. Weigh in after workout. If you have lost weight. Drink 16 oz or 2 cups of water more per pound of weight lost. Try it.

Morning Ritual Update:


Silence (listening to your surroundings with a quiet mind)

Affirmations (or an Atmosphere of Appreciation

Visualize (how your strategy for the day will play out)

Exercise (walk the dog or go for a run)

Reading (or listening)

Scribing (writing or drawing)



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