MVP #016 – The Angry Vegan – Don’t Eat Meat – Mark Phipps – Mocha Vegan Podcast

Posted: 2014-06-11 in love animals, podcast, vegan

“Oh, that’s right, you can’t eat that, right? You’re a vegan.” No. Actually, I CHOOSE not to eat that. I CHOOSE not to support businesses that are exploiting animals. What if I talked about WHY I do not eat what you eat?! You might not enjoy that meat anymore. So back off.

Read my post from June 10, 2014 on and get the message.

The story in the last chapter for Seth Godin’s Tribes describing how San Francisco became a no kill city thanks to one man filled my soul today. Change from the bottom up, something previously thought impossible, IS possible today.

Be that change.

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