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Posted: 2014-06-19 in don't eat meat, moving your body, no fear, podcast, running, vegan
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So training for Boston, sure, I am training for Boston. Not a chance in H-E double hockey sticks that I have that ability, right? My right knee says F-U, not a chance. Looks like I might have to try even harder than I thought.

I have run 8 miles in an hour before, even 16 in 2 hours. It WAS on a treadmill and I had a water bottle holder, but it has been done. SO what if it was ten years ago. I am far too stubborn to let something as unimportant as AGING get in my way.

Please come and visit me in the hospital after the race.

Swimming is a great summer activity; get out and try it!

Two running concepts for you today:

1. Run farther.

By consistently running during the week you give yourself the ability to slow down and increase your distance on the weekend. Eat well and properly fuel your body and stay hydrated. You can do it. Try not to increase too much at a time. Slow and steady for increases in effort. If you go too far, too quickly, the aches and pains may make you not want to keep trying.

2. Fun faster.

Introducing some speed training into your weekly regimen will provide vast rewards in  your overall performance. Imagine you run 10 minute miles. That is what you’ve always done, you are comfortable with it. So when you run, your pace is typically around 10 minutes per mile. The trick is to increase your effort for short durations and experience what speed feels like. Speed IS relative and you don’t have to chase cars down the street like a rapid dog to see results. Increase your pace for a short time and then relax back into your base pace of, perhaps 10 minutes per mile. Use YOUR pace as the base and on occasion, increase from that and then return back to the same pace after the interval. Yes, my friends, that is all it takes to say you did an interval run!

Try something new this week: Run longer or faster … and eventually you’ll do both.

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