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Personal accountability

Are you in charge of your life? Are in responsible for the things that happen to you? You should be.


The Mocha Vegan Performance Podcast is recorded in Mark’s mobile recording studio on the 101 Freeway near Mesa, Arizona.


Are you accountable?

Want to improve your service to others? Try reading The QBQ by John G. Miller. Learn how to go the extra mile to make a huge impact in some else’s life.


Personal Accountability

If you leave the match too close, a bad call can decide the result

Asking appropriate questions

Try to provide good service to those around you. Improve your interactions treating everyone as a customer.

“What can I do to make this better?”

Avoid questions with WHO or WHY as they tend to place blame and not work towards a positive solution. Try asking yourself, “What can I do to push this situation in a positive direction?” Don’t blame the Oreos for your addiction; take control of your eating compulsion. Find a way to make different choices. If, like me, you have issues with a sleeve of Oreos or a bag of chips or a tub of hummus –


Limit your exposure to things that make you act inappropriately.

“How can I help you, Sir?”

Try using both “what” and “how” in questions seeking a positive solution. Ask yourself, “How can I not eat the entire sleeve of Oreos” (even though they are in the house). “What can I do to stop eating Oreos once I start?” DO NOT get caught up in blame and helplessness, such as:
“Why can’t I stop eating them?!”
“Who put these Oreos right in front of my pantry?!”

Include the word “I” in your questions

“How can I make things a little better for you, Sir?”

Make the most of your situation, whatever it is. I find myself stuck in traffic many days each week, sometimes twice a day. Does frustration run amuck? At first, yes, but perhaps an opportunity to reconnect with old friends and family, make calls for work and RECORD THE MOCHA VEGAN PODCAST. To start in the right direction, I tried to figure out how to address the frustration. I bought a new stereo for my old car that had a working CD player, allowed Bluetooth connection to my phone. I downloaded podcasts and audio books and listened to them during the commute.

When life gives you lemons…make lemonade.

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