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Think about it.

Farm Animal Rights Movement (FARM) Make 2015 an AMAZING year for animals: go #vegan and encourage your friends to join you, too! The Veganuary campaign can help you out for your first month. Visit for more info!

Farm Animal Rights Movement (FARM)
Make 2015 an AMAZING year for animals: go #vegan and encourage your friends to join you, too! The Veganuary campaign can help you out for your first month. Visit for more info!

Invasive Species- Unintended positives

Zebra Mussels invaded the Great Lakes around 1988. They far outproduce efforts to consume or eliminate them. Some benefits are noted. This invasive specie has the ability to filter large amounts of water. Though it takes some important nutrients out of the water, positive effects are noted: Water clarity is greatly improved and some fish species do better.

We are hunting deer to keep their population under control so they don’t starve to death.


WE are growing cattle and cutting down forests to feed our population

OR are we getting only so much cow per acre and only for people who can afford the meat

WHY are we starving? WHY aren’t we growing more grains, more food that we can eat.


According to the movie, Cowspiracy: Humans and their animals raised for food used to account for less than 2% of the biomass of the planet. Today mankind and the animals associated with animal husbandry make up more than 98% of the biomass.

Mountains of cow SH!T under plastic held down by tires, lagoons of pig waste the size of four football fields – it is the pollution of a misguided industry. We are great at reacting, problem solving, but do not always balance the long term impact of our activities with the short term gain.

Listen to my on the air struggle with having animals that are used for food. Is it okay to have chickens and use their eggs for food? I have a huge problem with artificial insemination of cows with the main purpose being to produce milk. What if YOU have a baby and someone came and took the baby away as soon as you had it?!! Imagine the trauma. How could you know of these things and not DO MORE!?! Be responsible, don’t be wasteful.

At our house, we have our pets fixed so that we are not being irresponsible. Meanwhile people who are trying to make a buck jamb puppies into dirty cages in their back yard with the intent of selling them to pet stores. These things need to flip flop.

We are not managing ourselves and our environment well.

Things to watch:

Species-ism – The Movie – These guys just posted a drone fly-over of a pig farm. So disgusting what our efficiency has led to. Look for it.

A Spy Drone Flys Over A Pig Farm And … – YouTube



No burn days. Why?

Burning wood creates too much pollution. Not because it makes people cough. The state gets penalized by the Federal Government when pollution levels exceed federal standards – it is all about the money. We are reactive when we should be proactive and planting more crops that help clean the air. Planting food we can eat instead of crops to feed to animals that take too long to mature and monopolize too many resources to what you get from them. That is notwithstanding the way the animals are suffering to become food in the first place.

We are the cockroaches dirtying up the kitchen, except that we control it ALL. We make the rules. Nobody turns on the lights to watch us scatter. There is not a size D shoe that promptly ends our lives. We are not being hunted. We are only accountable to God and it appears that God is letting people make their own bed. We are going to have to lie in this bed for generations to come. We don’t want to live in a global laboratory because everything outside has been destroyed / compromised / used up … do we??

Look forward to the day when our technology allows animals to communicate with us. Look at the pig in the cage. When he looks back at you, makes eye contact and asks: WHY?! Be ready for how that is going to feel. FARM animal rights

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