MVP #046 – 2 Steps to Start or Improve Running and Performance

Posted: 2015-03-20 in approaching the natural, family, focus, FUN, good choices, habits, moving your body, performance, running, the compound effect

What a difference you can make in your life with running.

Barriers to running:

Injuries – how do you transition back into running?

New to running / haven’t run before –



Park a little further from your destination.

Look at running as an opportunity to explore a new area.

Challenge yourself to do more than before.

Start slow and go faster a little bit at a time.


Try to find a solution that moves you from the couch or your current area of inactivity towards running.

 Two Real Steps to Make the Change

  1. Make a Decision
    1. You have to commit to making a change in your life to get anywhere.
    2. Write down your goal
    3. Break it down into steps
    4. Find a very small step that moves you towards your goal, but is easily repeatable.
    5. Perform this step every day for two weeks.
    6. Increase the daily goal or step to take you further along your journey.
  2. Enjoy the Journey by Making It Social
    1. Find an Accountability Partner: friend, neighbor, family member
    2. Join a Group: walking, running, triathlon (Landis Tri Club is a local group that I enjoyed.)
    3. Use a Social App: Map My Ride,, My Fitness Pal
    4. Walk Your Dog

Find what works for you and fits in your life and let me know. I want to know how things are going and if I can help. 🙂

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