MVP #049 – 3 Things We Should Learn From Ducks

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Ducks can teach us a few things. Understand that I don’t sit for hours on end alongside the Western Canal in Arizona musing on the potential teachings of ducks. The pictures that follow were all taken while running on a recent Sunday in late March 2015. At this time of the year there are still some young duck families along with some that already have some adolescent or larger babies. The little ones tend to stay very close to momma duck where the older tend to wander a little further very much like our own children do as they age and gain confidence and abilities.

What should we learn from ducks?

ducks 3 - DSC_0284

Duck Lesson #1: BE THANKFUL

Duck families along the canal seem to start with 8 ducklings. By the time these ducks reach adolescence, the numbers seem to dwindle. Be thankful for your time together.



ducks 2 - IMG_20150329_182105


Keep an eye on your family. Spend time together. Teach them the lessons you have learned. Give them some freedom as they develop and mature.


Duck families #1


Put more thought into what you do in your day. Be ready to get started, to tackle your day with enthusiasm. Study the ‘problems’ you submit to others regularly. Most of our problems are due to our reliance on a life of convenience. Providing for your family now involves bringing home a good wage, bringing food into the home and preparing it, not necessarily foraging and hunting like families did together in ages past. Feed your family well and be in position to protect them when things do not go as planned or danger threatens.

Watch the ducks swim along, family together enjoying their time together while they look for food. You can get it all done and spend time together, too. Just keep trying, put your problems in perspective.



Perhaps “sign up” for a duck lesson at a body of water near you. Take a friend, significant other, kids or even your leashed dog for a walk. Observe how the ducks behave and discuss it together. Think about it. We really can learn a lot from ducks. Print out a picture and tack it up for those challenging times; it may bring a smile to your face. 🙂

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P.S. I’d love to see your duck pictures. Please send me some!
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