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MVP #058 – DISASTER! – Recovery When Everything Goes Wrong – Mark Phipps – Mocha Vegan Performance Podcast
MVP #058 – DISASTER! - Recovery When Everything Goes Wrong – Mark Phipps – Mocha Vegan Performance Podcast

Recovery from Disaster – Don’t Quit – Try Harder

Imagine the moment, your basketball team takes the court at another school. Wearing their bright blue uniforms smiling and excited for the game ahead. The first half is played aggressively with tons of energy. Your team is up almost twenty points at the half and spirits are extremely high. The other team is good, but your team is still in control of the game. In the second half, a series of events takes place that challenges all preparation and mental toughness. That’s the topic of this week’s conversation with Mark Phipps, age 12, regarding a recent basketball challenge never imagined.

Albert Einstein

“You have to learn the rules of the game. And then you have to play better than anyone else.”

– Albert Einstein




Stormy Blues (Arne Bang Huseby) / CC BY 3.0

MVP #057 – Energize Me! – How to Energize Friends and Teammates


Emotionally, friends and teammates pick you up when you are down. They calm you when you are upset. A good friend will energize you when you need it most. When you get in a rut: between matches, between sets or even during a timeout that your team has to call.

Draw energy from your friends and teammates.

Why are some teammates real Debbie Downers and others always cheerful and supportive? What kind of support can you expect from your friends and teammates?


Be aware that your body is like a leaking boat when it comes to fuel. Just sitting and reading this your body is burning fuel, consuming calories. When exercising or in competition, you are burning calories at a faster rate. Depending on your size you may burn between 8 and 12 calories every minute. Let’s make this specific to the fuel to energize volleyball girls. Assume an average calorie expenditure of 10 calories per minute. A 40 minute match could consume 400 calories of fuel. In tournaments where matches are occasionally back-to-back this could pose a problem. Imagine having a good breakfast, but walking into consecutive matches where you burn 800 calories that you didn’t expect to burn. How do you get that back?


Similar to trying to energize is hydration. Drinking the equivalent of a half liter bottle of water every match might keep up with your sweating. To stay energized and hydrated, you must plan ahead. Bring snacks for before matches, between sets and be prepared. Drink water regularly and know where the restroom is. Have your body fueled, hydrated and ready to perform at your top level.

Bring snacks for your friends. Sharing is caring, people! Energize yourself and each other.

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Stormy Blues (Arne Bang Huseby) / CC BY 3.0
Can you imagine, the only plant. Think about it...

Can you imagine, the only plant. Think about it…

Listen in and enjoy the commentary.

Be kind to our planet.


Listen in to the Mocha Vegan Podcast, episode #049:


Ducks can teach us a few things. Understand that I don’t sit for hours on end alongside the Western Canal in Arizona musing on the potential teachings of ducks. The pictures that follow were all taken while running on a recent Sunday in late March 2015. At this time of the year there are still some young duck families along with some that already have some adolescent or larger babies. The little ones tend to stay very close to momma duck where the older tend to wander a little further very much like our own children do as they age and gain confidence and abilities.

What should we learn from ducks?

ducks 3 - DSC_0284

Duck Lesson #1: BE THANKFUL

Duck families along the canal seem to start with 8 ducklings. By the time these ducks reach adolescence, the numbers seem to dwindle. Be thankful for your time together.



ducks 2 - IMG_20150329_182105


Keep an eye on your family. Spend time together. Teach them the lessons you have learned. Give them some freedom as they develop and mature.


Duck families #1


Put more thought into what you do in your day. Be ready to get started, to tackle your day with enthusiasm. Study the ‘problems’ you submit to others regularly. Most of our problems are due to our reliance on a life of convenience. Providing for your family now involves bringing home a good wage, bringing food into the home and preparing it, not necessarily foraging and hunting like families did together in ages past. Feed your family well and be in position to protect them when things do not go as planned or danger threatens.

Watch the ducks swim along, family together enjoying their time together while they look for food. You can get it all done and spend time together, too. Just keep trying, put your problems in perspective.



Perhaps “sign up” for a duck lesson at a body of water near you. Take a friend, significant other, kids or even your leashed dog for a walk. Observe how the ducks behave and discuss it together. Think about it. We really can learn a lot from ducks. Print out a picture and tack it up for those challenging times; it may bring a smile to your face. 🙂

Until next time,


P.S. I’d love to see your duck pictures. Please send me some!
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Stormy Blues (Arne Bang Huseby) / CC BY 3.0

What a difference you can make in your life with running.

Barriers to running:

Injuries – how do you transition back into running?

New to running / haven’t run before –



Park a little further from your destination.

Look at running as an opportunity to explore a new area.

Challenge yourself to do more than before.

Start slow and go faster a little bit at a time.


Try to find a solution that moves you from the couch or your current area of inactivity towards running.

 Two Real Steps to Make the Change

  1. Make a Decision
    1. You have to commit to making a change in your life to get anywhere.
    2. Write down your goal
    3. Break it down into steps
    4. Find a very small step that moves you towards your goal, but is easily repeatable.
    5. Perform this step every day for two weeks.
    6. Increase the daily goal or step to take you further along your journey.
  2. Enjoy the Journey by Making It Social
    1. Find an Accountability Partner: friend, neighbor, family member
    2. Join a Group: walking, running, triathlon (Landis Tri Club is a local group that I enjoyed.)
    3. Use a Social App: Map My Ride,, My Fitness Pal
    4. Walk Your Dog

Find what works for you and fits in your life and let me know. I want to know how things are going and if I can help. 🙂

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Stormy Blues (Arne Bang Huseby) / CC BY 3.0

Vegan Thanksgiving

Quinoa-Stuffed Acorn Squash

Quinoa Stuffed Acorn Squash credit to – something to bring to Thanksgiving Dinner at your favorite carnivore’s house that will raise an eyebrow or two.

Quinoa Stuffed Acorn Squash

Improving Run Performance

My recipe for improving run performance

Speed training 2-3 times per week
Long Run for endurance once per week
Yoga once per week
Core 1 – 3 times per week

Until next time:


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Stormy Blues (Arne Bang Huseby) / CC BY 3.0


Lizzy Phipps is playing JV Volleyball at Dobson High School. She is a center blocker. Two months ago, none of us knew what a center blocker was. Her focus and effort since August have earned her a position on the team that will continue to improve as she does. Great work, Lizzy!


Markie is switching coaches after the summer with a very good coach. His determined level of play when he is very new to the sport continues to impress me. He has not achieved ‘statiscal’ success, but is clearly on his way. He is putting in the required effort AND MORE and his opportunities will continue to present themselves.

More Volleyball

Miss Bella, Isabella according to her uniform, has joined a 1st – 3rd grade league through the YMCA. The main focus of the game so far is the team that gets in the most serves pretty much wins. That doesn’t change for a few years, it seems… She can bump the ball and is learning to set. Depth perception is tricky when the net towers above you at nearly twice your height. For me, that would be like playing with a 12 foot net – WOW! The kids are learning, having fun and feeling successes along the way.

Sports with Swords

Michael is ready for his first sport as long as it has swordplay. Seriously, he does enjoy trying to bump the volleyball. He also like to play basketball with his big brother though the net is. Most of all, he likes boxing on the Wii. We watched Rocky this weekend and after we all went for a run, he wanted to play Wii Sports. Funny kid. I can’t believe he will be going to school this time next year.

Travel with My Wife

Flying with a flight attendant has perks. My wife knows the ins and outs of travel. She is courteous enough to bring bags of candy to share with our crews, both the New York and from there to Punta Cana, D.R. They treat us very well and we even see them on the way back. We get awesome airport junk food and have snacks on the plane. Great success!

Dominican Republic

The resort we are booked at it all inclusive. We have a shuttle from the airport to drive us there (with A/C), they fawn over us at every turn when we arrive, from taking our bags, bringing us tropical drinks, giving the verbal tour en route to the room, to always being available to answer questions, no matter how simple.

After the fact, I am glad that I did not have Wi-Fi or cell service. I used Lynn’s phone to contact the kids a couple times when she was sleeping, but was otherwise content reading at night or watching a movie and just unplugging. My relaxation was a total success. Though I gained six pounds in five days, it didn’t stick. I am certain it had a lot to do with El Presidente beers and cheeseless pizzas being delivered to the room any time of day or night and the expansive buffet that had SO much fruit that I don’t know how to describe it all.

And I ran every day (success). I played beach volleyball one day. I went to a wedding one day. I went shopping. I slept in a beach chair in the shade of a palm tree for a couple hours. I ate French Fries daily. And the staff would make me vegan food whenever I wanted it. Every restaurant came up with something for me. Even though my food choices weren’t healthy, there were consistent with my moral intentions.

Being Thankful

I met hard-working locals who made me understand how lucky we are. I am fortunate to have a family and live in the United States. I think I could live there, too, and be happy with much less.

Forrest Gump

I had little or no expectations going into this trip and life is truly like a box of chocolates; this trip was a good one!


Until next time:


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Stormy Blues (Arne Bang Huseby) / CC BY 3.0


5K Races (3.1 miles) “hurt from the start to the end”

50 Marathons in 50 States!

What a great concept to travel the country – by marathon.

Denny’s new podcast is called Diz Runs With and is available on iTunes.

Documentaries to Watch

Food Inc.

Hungry For Change

Supersize Me!


Superjuice Me! (limited or rental)

Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead

Earthlings (warning, very graphic and emotionally challenging to watch)

Vanishing of the Bees

Family Running

Get a jogger stroller! They have big wheels and pockets to carry baby supplies AND your water.

Qualifying for Boston

Denny’s Marathon PR: 4:08 To qualify for Boston requires 3:05 marathon at Denny’s age (32 as of this recording).

Next marathon for Denny will be in Alabama in December 2014.

Future meetup for Mark and Denny to catch an Arizona marathon somewhere down the road.

Break free from the gym trainers and call Denny!

Twitter: @dkfitsolutions and @dizruns


Parting thoughts:

Get more real food. Listen to Denny’s June series on REAL FOOD. Make good choices and avoid unnatural and unsustainable processes.

Be healthy and happy! 🙂

Enjoy the episode!

Until next time:


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Stormy Blues (Arne Bang Huseby) / CC BY 3.0

In this episode we talk about podcasting.

Listen in to the first part of my chat with Denny Krahe, the Chief Everything Officer at DK FitSolutions. Also make sure you check out Denny’s quest to run a marathon in all fifty states and his

new podcast Diz Runs With at

Denny Krahe

Here’s how I was set up for this early morning interview (beer was from today).

Mmmm, beer


Denny is a completely mobile personal trainer in Central Florida. He is a solopreneur, meaning a one-man show in his podcasts and personal training business.

For those wanting to start a podcast:
Pat Flynn of the Smart Passive Income Podcast and Ask Pat, has a FREE video series on You Tube that walks you through the steps of getting started. There was little left to question if you want to get started.

Check it out Video #1 here:

Until next time:


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Stormy Blues (Arne Bang Huseby) / CC BY 3.0

Being vegan and brewing your own beer have consistent goals.

I am vegan because I want to control the things that I put in my body. Brewing your own beer allows you to move past the coolers full of junk beer and into something that contains body and flavor. By brewing the beer yourself, you get personal satisfaction from your creation plus save some money along with way.

Listen in to my conversation with Doug Hermansen, oppressed future small business owner, as we touch on some of the ins and outs of getting started.

Thanks for listening.