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MVP #057 – Energize Me! – How to Energize Friends and Teammates


Emotionally, friends and teammates pick you up when you are down. They calm you when you are upset. A good friend will energize you when you need it most. When you get in a rut: between matches, between sets or even during a timeout that your team has to call.

Draw energy from your friends and teammates.

Why are some teammates real Debbie Downers and others always cheerful and supportive? What kind of support can you expect from your friends and teammates?


Be aware that your body is like a leaking boat when it comes to fuel. Just sitting and reading this your body is burning fuel, consuming calories. When exercising or in competition, you are burning calories at a faster rate. Depending on your size you may burn between 8 and 12 calories every minute. Let’s make this specific to the fuel to energize volleyball girls. Assume an average calorie expenditure of 10 calories per minute. A 40 minute match could consume 400 calories of fuel. In tournaments where matches are occasionally back-to-back this could pose a problem. Imagine having a good breakfast, but walking into consecutive matches where you burn 800 calories that you didn’t expect to burn. How do you get that back?


Similar to trying to energize is hydration. Drinking the equivalent of a half liter bottle of water every match might keep up with your sweating. To stay energized and hydrated, you must plan ahead. Bring snacks for before matches, between sets and be prepared. Drink water regularly and know where the restroom is. Have your body fueled, hydrated and ready to perform at your top level.

Bring snacks for your friends. Sharing is caring, people! Energize yourself and each other.

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MVP #055 – Focus and Mental Training

Focus your effort

Focus your effort

Set goals and work hard

Lizzy in her varsity jersey

Professional athletes experience impacts from good focus and fail when they get distracted. Keeping your head in the game is critical to successful performance. There are things people do to prepare for performances. Train, be in shape, mental training. Let’s focus on mental training and how focus can work for you.

Have a good attitude. Do your best. Don’t expect perfection.

Be prepared for adversity or a slump. Trouble with fitness and diet happen. How do you maintain motivation when times are tough and you start to feel down? No self pity, no excuses. Be self-motivating. WANT to be there because you really don’t HAVE to be. Look inside yourself. Play for you.

Set goals, plan ahead. Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Visualize that future version of you. Write down what you discover about your desires. Make a plan with steps along with way to achieve the success you desire. Train yourself to achieve skills you need for the next / higher level.

People Skills
Develop good people skills. Get along / play nice with others. Have an attitude of gratitude and enjoy what you love.

Avoid negative self-talk. Deal with uncertainty by telling yourself that you can do it. You HAVE that skill and you CAN handle it! Positive self-talk and looking ahead to the next opportunity to perform well will take you far!

See YOU making the right plays to eliminate stress in challenging situations. See the successful action in your mind’s eye.

Anxiety and Emotions
DON’T WORRY. Forget the free throw you missed. You can’t change the past, but you can focus on the next effort.  Don’t let your emotions get in the way. Remain level-headed minimize the highs and the lows and be an automatic performer.

Forget anything but how well you can do what you are getting ready to do. You have practiced this before MANY TIMES. Concentrate on what you already know how to do and DO IT!

You’re good enough, you’re smart enough and dog-gone-it, people really like you.
Be thoughtful. Ask questions. Do good things. Help yourself and others live long and healthful lives.

Find community. Find support.



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Finish Strong!

Who are you looking at in this picture?


How many times have you heard it?! Anyone can start. Start a diet, start a race, start a new positive habit, start to get in shape. What separates you from the crowd is how you FINISH. Begin with the end in mind, focus on the work that creates a path to that goal and





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How Quickly Are You Dying?

The Compound Effect (thanks, Darren Hardy)

Just as the glaciers are slowing fading away, so is our collective human health. Are you slowly killing yourself? Our bodies are trying to do the best with the food and exercise we give them, but inside they are dying. Be honest and look inside your behaviors.

Find Chasing Ice on Netflix.

It illustrates how slow, consistent behaviors over time have led to dramatic reductions in glaciers. A compound effect works similarly in your life: negative behaviors, no matter how small, performed over time will yield negative results.  Make small changes to day for a brighter tomorrow.

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So training for Boston, sure, I am training for Boston. Not a chance in H-E double hockey sticks that I have that ability, right? My right knee says F-U, not a chance. Looks like I might have to try even harder than I thought.

I have run 8 miles in an hour before, even 16 in 2 hours. It WAS on a treadmill and I had a water bottle holder, but it has been done. SO what if it was ten years ago. I am far too stubborn to let something as unimportant as AGING get in my way.

Please come and visit me in the hospital after the race.

Swimming is a great summer activity; get out and try it!

Two running concepts for you today:

1. Run farther.

By consistently running during the week you give yourself the ability to slow down and increase your distance on the weekend. Eat well and properly fuel your body and stay hydrated. You can do it. Try not to increase too much at a time. Slow and steady for increases in effort. If you go too far, too quickly, the aches and pains may make you not want to keep trying.

2. Fun faster.

Introducing some speed training into your weekly regimen will provide vast rewards in  your overall performance. Imagine you run 10 minute miles. That is what you’ve always done, you are comfortable with it. So when you run, your pace is typically around 10 minutes per mile. The trick is to increase your effort for short durations and experience what speed feels like. Speed IS relative and you don’t have to chase cars down the street like a rapid dog to see results. Increase your pace for a short time and then relax back into your base pace of, perhaps 10 minutes per mile. Use YOUR pace as the base and on occasion, increase from that and then return back to the same pace after the interval. Yes, my friends, that is all it takes to say you did an interval run!

Try something new this week: Run longer or faster … and eventually you’ll do both.

Is there anything you always wanted to do or have or be good at? NOW is the time to make a ridiculous goal and make it come true.

Stretch yourself and and step squarely OUTSIDE your comfort zone.

See you in Boston 2015!

(I am freaking out because I don’t know HOW I am going to do this!!!)

Don’t be governed by fear. Take control, take action and dominate your day today!

More notes later!

In episode 12, Mark Phipps discusses how we put up with things for fear of getting started.

Make a list, hone it down to your top three items and make a plan to tackle the most urgent of the three.

I will post how to determine which is most critical on in the next few days. Listen in and move yourself off of frustration and forward towards your biggest goals. 🙂


Think of things like Die Empty and Leaders Eat Last.

What are you tolerating in your life? Things you have left undone or things you want to fix? Listen in and leave your excuses at the door.