Post Sunday run report

Posted: August 10, 2014 in @mochavegan

I tried to take it easy at the beginning since I hadn’t run 14 miles in over 6 months, I was running a route with limited water and there was no cloud cover this morning. Have warm water at mile 1 then again at mile 5.5 or so wasn’t the plan, but I stuck with it using my old country music pandora station to keep my calm and slow.

Now that the long runs are over 2 hours, I need to add fuel during the run. I tested NOT adding fuel during the run today and I could definitely feel it at the end.

I ended up logging 15.37 miles in 2:24:15, a 9:23 pace. Keep in mind I ran a 7:58 paced half marathon in February… My splits were consistent and varied mostly due to drinking fountain stops. A three minute nature break at mile 5.5 is not included in my time. I found three drinking fountains in that park, thankfully!

Enjoy your Sunday!!


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