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Khan Academy  does great things for students (and teachers). For those not familiar, you can set up a free account on Khan Academy. There are a variety of missions, both math-related and otherwise. It will let you try any that you choose to, but does some initial exercises to ensure you start at the appropriate level. As a parent you can set up your children so you can see what progress they are making so you can either help or watch helpful how-to videos with them when they get stuck. They’ve done a great job of setting up pertinent videos a small mouse movement away from the ‘I need a Hint’ button to get you up to speed and continue on your way.

Math Incentives

Avatar - Khan Academy

Earn points for many things. Why points? You can have an avatar that gets progressively cooler with your experience points. Watch videos and earn points, answer problems and get points, work harder or longer or consistently … and get points. It works. The site keeps track of your stats, allows you to add coaches or add students with you as a coach. Get started and enjoy becoming a better math star.


Did you know that 3.14 percent of all sailors are Pi Rates?
(now you do)

Yes, Mark is an active Khan Academy coach but receives NO compensation for mentioning this site or services. Full disclosure.