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Put the sweat to the test. Run time! Dropped the work clothes and weighed in at 185.0. This is my “before” weight.

Ran a little over 4 miles. Important points:

  1. I did not stop and drink at the drinking fountain.
  2. I did not use the bathroom during the workout until after I did the “after” weigh in.
  3. After the run I stripped back to the same amount of clothes as the “before” weigh in.

“After” weigh in 183.0. Before – After = 2 pounds of sweat lost.

2 pounds lost divided by 8 pounds per gallon = 0.25 or a quarter of a gallon. 0.25 x 128 oz per gallon = 32 oz of water lost! That is an entire quart (or liter if you live in a metric world). Four cups of water in a little over 4 miles.

Try it yourself! Be careful and use what you learn to stay hydrated!