Tenacity: Darkest Before the Dawn – MVP #29

Posted: August 22, 2014 in @mochavegan

Get tenacious and don’t let a few bad breaks get you down. It truly seems darkest right before the Dawn.


Tenacity, resolve, patience, endurance or simply being stubborn in efforts to achieve a goal Perhaps you have never thought about what it takes to be a professional. For this, I mean a professional anything. A typical player, if we are talking about sports, practices until they get it right. The big difference is that a professional practices until they DON’T GET IT WRONG.

Making a difference

Once you have tasted success in your efforts, grab that feeling and try to repeat. Use the momentum. It is easy to become discouraged and consider quitting after failures along the way. Keep working, keep trying, don’t give up. If Mark had let a little rain chase him inside, we all would have missed a great time together playing ball in the rain that day.

Mark Phipps – Basketball in the Rain

Mr. Tenacity

Mr. Tenacity

Tune in to Mocha Vegan Podcast episode #29

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