Vegan Sidekick – What to Say in a Vegan Confrontation

Posted: September 27, 2014 in @mochavegan

Vegan Sidekick does a fabulous job of fighting the good fight for animals unable to defend themselves.

Reproduced from their facebook site ( is their Quick Response List.

Please take time to think about the words they contain in the following lines and stop by their site for some fabulous cartoons.


Quick Response List

Thank you

March 5, 2014 at 6:29am

Plants have feelings

Plants lack brains, and therefore are not conscious like animals are. But, even if plants were conscious, more plants are fed to animals to raise them for slaughter, than you would eat if you just ate plants instead of waiting for them to be raised and slaughtered, and eating them. So even if plant suffering is something that concerns you, veganism still minimizes this.


Protein is available from all kinds of plant sources, in fact it is very hard to avoid if you eat enough calories in a day. Beans, green vegetables like spinach, broccoli, kale, pulses, grains, nuts, seeds and so on are all great sources of protein.

Wild animals eat each other

Animals eat each other in the wild because they have no other choice, they are doing it to survive. Therefore there isn’t anything for us to say or do about it. We can only control our own actions, and we don’t need meat to survive, so it is unnecessary.


Our ancestors ate meat, but we are not living in the past, we are living in the present. We don’t need to live as they did back then in order to survive as this point, so it’s just unnecessary to harm animals.

We have been doing it for years

The length of time something has been going on is not a justification for continuing to do it. Nothing would ever change for the better if all we did was continue to do things as we have been, regardless of the harm they cause.

We’re omnivores / teeth / we’re "meant" to eat meat

We can survive healthily without animal products, as evidenced by the vegans around the world, and all the healthy athletes who choose veganism for performance reasons. The ability to do something (in this instance, eating cooked meat) does not oblige us to do it, we can eat other things and survive healthily which is the bottom line.


As the population increases, there is less space, and so intensive farming practices will become more common. And as such, less animals are fed on grass, and so more crops will be needed to feed those animals. And since it takes more crops to feed an animal up to the age for slaughter than you would eat, if you just ate plants instead of their body, then this means that farming is less sustainable in general.

Humane slaughter

No matter how animals are killed, it is still stopping their life early, and is unnecessary. WIth that said, the manner in which animals are slaughtered can’t be called "humane" in any way. If this was the most humane way to kill animals, then when pets are euthanizied they’d do it like that, but of course they don’t because it’s brutal.


People who are living in remote areas and living off the land, are doing what is necessary to survive, and as such, have no other options. Their situation is entirely separate from people who are living in modern society, and can make other choices.

What would you do if you had to eat animals? (desert island etc)

In a life or death situation, you may do what is necessary to survive. If somebody puts a gun to your head, you might do anything they told you. This is not a reason to do those things in day to day life. We are not in a life or death situation most days, so we can make whatever choices seem best, and we don’t have to buy animal products.

I just like the taste of it

Vegan food tastes great, it isn’t a sacrifice at all. But this also suggests that you value your taste buds ahead of an animal’s life. Is that really a justification for killing them, when there are other options available?


Animal breeders bring animals into the world. WIth the domestic animal population being so high, this is irresponsible, and so many animals are unwanted and are killed in shelters as they don’t find homes. As such, the most responsible thing we can do is care for the animals which exist – but avoid going to breeders who are the core problem to begin with.

Carnivorous Pets

Where an animal cannot be fed a vegan diet at all, then the only option (if you are going to care for this animal) is to feed the animal a carnivorous diet. The demand placed upon the meat industry is the responsibility of the breeder who brought this animal into the world. Whether you took the animal on, or somebody else, they would have to be fed the same, if there is no alternative. So it’s just a matter of making the best of a bad situation. The core problem is to ensure that the minimum number of animals are being bred, by not supporting breeders

If we didn’t eat meat, animals would take over the world

Livestock are bred to be slaughtered, because of the demand from non-vegans. So if the world became vegan, then the animals wouldn’t be bred. Therefore their numbers would decrease, not increase.

Without us they wouldn’t exist, so they should be thankful we bred them

Just because we brought them into the world, does not mean that they have no rights, and can be killed by us. You wouldn’t say this of your pets. If you care about animals, then you don’t have them killed for your benefit.

If we don’t eat meat, those species would go exinct

Those animals are man-made breeds, selectively bred over time for our uses. Before we bred them, they didn’t exist, they are warped versions of wild, natural animals. However, even if there was a desire to keep them around for whatever reason, they could be bred into sanctuaries. There isn’t a reason to mistreat and kill them, even if you want to preserve the breeds for some reason.

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