Posted: June 30, 2014 in @mochavegan

Watching Vegucated and love the perspective. The first time I watched this I totally resonated with Tesla. I just didn’t get it. Pizza was my nemesis.

Tesla said, “I went out to dinner, but there was nothing I could eat.”

Kenneth Williams, vegan body builder, adds hope that I could some day add muscles. Not really my focus, but it would be a fun experiment this winter once I am in full marathon shape.

Week 3, when they got into the images of farm food production, was intense. Welcome to Factory Farming 101. Small family farms have become large industrial operations. This has seriously impacted the treatment of animals. Castration, dairy cows, pigs in confinement and birds raised for meat all sadden me and a strong part of my resolve to abstain from eating animal products.

Watch the movie and be educated that there is more to know about where our food comes from.

My .02

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