You walk into a restaurant on a Friday night. You expect to wait.

My expectation is typically that a slightly stressed out young lady at the podium is scribbling frantically with a marker on a seating plan and barely looks up to ask me the number in my party and my name, only to dismiss me with a half smile and look back to the seating chart. Wait seating is likely limited and I will wait for a while to get a drink.

What would you think if you walked in the door on a typical Friday to have this happen:

The hostess warmly greets you and thanks you for coming in. She reads your mind and says, “Yes, we have a lot of people waiting tonight. However we have comfortable seating here in the bar and I will personally give Jamie (the server in the bar) your drink order so you can best enjoy your time. While waiting she comes back to update you that your table is not ready, but the list is moving quickly and is there anything else you’d like, perhaps an appetizer?

I’d think WOW! Today, listening to Michael Hyatt’s This is Your Life podcast, he defined WOW as the difference between someone’s expectation and their actual experience.

What ways have you provided WOW service in your life?

What WOW moments have been memorable to you?

What is the biggest obstacle to creating WOW?


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